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ADL Launches New Program to Provide Synagogues with Tools to Address Antisemitism

  • July 19, 2022

ADL is launching a new program called Kulanu: Synagogues in Action Against Antisemitism, as part of an effort to support synagogues in the fight against antisemitism and hate with their congregations and in their broader communities.

Kulanu, meaning “all of us” in Hebrew, is an eight-month program that will offer selected synagogues exclusive access to expert insight and webinars, an opportunity to be part of a community of practice, and work to build meaningful connections between synagogues working together to address antisemitism.

Kulanu grew out of a six-month pilot co-developed by ADL and the Union for Reform Judaism that involved 18 congregations across the United States, including Temple Sinai in Denver, Colorado. As part of the pilot, Temple Sinai formed a congregational task force that engaged in months-long learning about the topic and created and ran two special programs. A Shavuot event entitled “Tikkun Leil: Building Bridges and Pushing Back Against Antisemitism” brought together 150 community members in person and 250 online for breakout sessions and featured a keynote speaker whose mother perished in the Tree of Life shooting. A large-scale Juneteenth Shabbat event that brought together public officials along with leaders and members of the Jewish and Black communities engaged 250 in-person and 500 online attendees. The project also focused on increased resources for antisemitic incident response, education about antisemitism, and more.

When asked whether he would recommend the program for other congregations, Rabbi Richard Rheins said,

“Absolutely, 100%. Temple Sinai has benefitted greatly; the programs we held raised awareness of the challenges that antisemitism presents to the Jewish community. It has also helped us develop ally relationships with non-Jewish leaders and their respective communities. These friends will become important allies as we battle against antisemitism, racism, and bigotry. A synagogue not involved with this initiative is missing out on the opportunity to have a significant role in addressing antisemitism in a serious way in their congregation and in their community.”

This year, Kulanu will welcome congregations from all denominations to further ADL’s goal of equipping Jewish and community-based institutions everywhere with the tools they need to address rising levels of antisemitism and hate.

You can learn more about this program and apply by clicking here.