ADL supports bills advancing Holocaust and genocide education, fair treatment

  • March 18, 2020

ADL Mountain States Regional Board Member Laura Perlov testified on March 12 in support of a bill to advance Holocaust and genocide education studies in Colorado schools.


This Spring, the ADL Mountain States Region has actively supported bills that enhance anti-discrimination laws in Colorado, opposed bills that sought to curtail Coloradans’ civil rights and is working to introduce Holocaust and Genocide studies in public schools throughout the state. 

ADL has worked with an extensive network of coalition partners, including the Jewish Community Relations Council, to introduce House bill 1336 – Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Public Schools. The bill will promote Holocaust and genocide education and awareness in Colorado schools, and comes at a critical time as fewer Holocaust survivors are able to share their first-person accounts and as Americans’ knowledge of the Holocaust decreases.

ADL also worked with coalition partners to support the Colorado CROWN Act, which was recently signed into law. The measure prohibits discrimination in education, employment and public accommodations based on an individual’s hairstyle, including styles often associated with an individual’s race.

ADL has also:

  • supported a bill that provides critical protection from civil arrest for individuals accessing Colorado’s judicial system
  • opposed a slate of six anti-LGBTQ bills introduced in the Colorado legislature, and
  • opposed several bills that would have prohibited abortion in Colorado and severely restricted women’s access to comprehensive reproductive health care.

The ADL Mountain States Region also monitors legislation in New Mexico and Wyoming and mobilizes on key bills. The New Mexico legislative session ended on Feb. 20 and Wyoming’s budget session ended on March 6. 

 To get involved in ADL’s public policy work in the Mountain States Region, contact To take action on ADL’s federal legislative priorities, visit ADL’s Action Center.