Mountain States ADL Welcomes new JLI course on Antisemitism

Beginning November 2nd, Chabad centers in Colorado will offer a four-week, Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) course titled Outsmarting Antisemitism. Mountain States ADL will be enhancing this groundbreaking course by offering a special insider briefing on “Current Trends in Antisemitism and What to do About Them” for anyone enrolled in the class as a follow-up session on December 8. Using history,

ADL Expresses Concern About Property Damage at Jewish School

Denver, CO, October 18, 2021 …The Anti-Defamation League Mountain States Region expressed concern about reported property damage at a Jewish school overnight in Denver. According to police reports, someone threw two rocks and broke a window in the high school annex building at Denver Academy of Torah (DAT) late Sunday. The perpetrator also reportedly broke into the power supply panel for

ADL Condemns Hateful Graffiti at Denver High School

Denver, CO, October 18, 2021 …The Anti-Defamation League Mountain States Region condemns the hateful graffiti spray painted at a Denver public high school over the weekend. George Washington High School was targeted with extensive graffiti vandalism that was first reported on Sat., Oct. 16, according to a statement released by school administrators. The graffiti includes antisemitic comments, swastikas, homophobic statements, as

ADL Condemns Alleged Cross Burning at NM Jewish Family’s Home

The Anti-Defamation League Mountain States Region (ADL), responding to reports of a cross burned on the lawn of a Jewish New Mexico family, condemns the incident and applauds law enforcement for investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.   The alleged incident took place last week in Mountainair, New Mexico.  According to a KQRE news report, a member of the family discovered the cross burned into the