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  • April 10, 2019

Albuquerque, NM, April 10, 2019 … The Anti-Defamation League Mountain States Region is deeply disturbed by reports of anti-Semitic comments allegedly posted online by an Albuquerque resident and business owner.

Michael Palombo, the owner of V Roast Bistro in Nob Hill, is accused of posting the anti-Semitic comments on his personal Facebook page yesterday in response to an apparent tenant-landlord dispute. The post has been deleted and Palombo claims that his Facebook account was hacked and denies that he posted the comments.

ADL Mountain States Regional Director Scott Levin issued the following statement:

It is deeply concerning to see virulent anti-Semitic comments posted online, especially at a time when there is an increase in anti-Semitic incidents both in New Mexico and nationwide. The Facebook post appears to be motivated by a tenant-landlord dispute. Whatever the cause may be, it is never appropriate to traffic in anti-Semitic tropes and to attack another individual based on that person’s religious identity.

Anti-Semitic comments like these do not occur in a vacuum and we must not tolerate the perpetuation of such hateful, vitriolic and dehumanizing comments.

ADL’s annual audit of anti-Semitic incidents found that the number of reported incidents in New Mexico nearly doubled between 2015-2017. According to the report, there were 8 anti-Semitic incidents in New Mexico reported in 2015, 11 incidents in 2016 and 15 incidents in 2017.

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