The Sturm Fellows Program, affiliated with ADL’s Glass Leadership Institute (GLI), introduces a select group of young professionals to the important work of ADL and the full range of issues on ADL’s agenda. The purpose of this Program is to build a base of leaders in communities across the Mountain States Region who are knowledgeable about ADL’s work and committed to ensuring the vitality of ADL and its mission. By engaging with community leaders and ADL experts, Sturm Fellows will be presented with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively combat antisemitism and all forms of hate, bias, and prejudice.

Requirements and Expectations for Participation

1. Attend scheduled meetings from January through September: Kicked off with a welcome retreat in December 2022, the scheduled meetings serve as a vehicle to educate participants on the full range of issues and programming on ADL issues.  Attendance is mandatory and participants can only miss a maximum of two sessions (or one session and the National Leadership Summit in D.C.) if they wish to graduate from the program. [Click here for the GLI Schedule]

2. Participate in ADL’s National Leadership Summit (NLS)This conference has been a highlight for Sturm Fellows. The conference convenes over 400 board members, professionals and GLI participants from ADL’s 25 regional offices in-depth study and meetings with national leaders on ADL issues. Past speakers included former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and former Senator John McCain to name a few.

Sturm Fellows are responsible for transportation to Washington, D.C. and half the registration fee. The balance of the registration fee, meals and hotel costs for the Conference will be underwritten by ADL for Sturm Fellows who commit to attending all monthly meetings. (Costs and participant expectations for NLS are subject to change)

3.  You are asked to make a personal and meaningful annual gift to the Anti-Defamation League.  There is a $250 minimum recommended contribution for each participant.  Throughout the course of the Program, you will learn how gifts from ADL’s leadership impact ADL’s core work. If this is a concern prohibiting you from applying, please contact ADL staff for further discussion at

4.  Attend other ADL meetings and events. Attendance at these meetings will equip participants with hands-on knowledge of how the agency functions. These meetings are crucial to the development of ADL leaders, providing participants with additional opportunities to meet ADL senior leadership, and will give participants an opportunity to find their niche in the organization. Offerings will include committee meetings, board meetings, local events, webinars, and more.