Vote Safely and in a Timely Manner by November 3rd!

  • October 20, 2020


Democracy depends on ensuring that every voter – no matter their candidate or party – has an equal and fair opportunity to cast a ballot. There is, perhaps, no more fundamental right in a democracy than the right to vote.


We encourage all citizens across the country, and especially here in the Mountain States Region of Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming, to exercise their right to vote. Whether you vote in person or by mail, please do so in a timely manner so that your ballot will be counted on November 3, 2020.


If you are wondering what is different about voting during the pandemic, whether you can bring your children with you if you are voting in person, how to cast your vote if you are a student or ways to get involved, please visit ADL’s voting rights resource page. For more detailed information on voting in your state, check with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office or the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office.


If you witness potential hate crimes or other disruptions to voting involving extremists, please report it to ADL through our new online incident reporting tool. You can also report possible hate crimes or extremism-related incidents by texting “hatehelp” to 51555.


For voting issues that are not extremist related, please contact the national, nonpartisan Election Protection coalition at 1-866-OUR-VOTE.