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ADL Regional Director Scott Levin speaks to 9News about the state of white supremacy in CO

  • August 14, 2018

Are hate groups showing their faces in Colorado these days? ADL Mountain States Regional Director Scott L. Levin was interviewed this week by Kyle Clark of 9News for his long-form news show, “Next.” Levin spoke about hate in our state and in our country in light of the recent anniversary of  last year’s “Unite the Right” rally  in Charlottesville, Virginia.

A portion of the interview appeared on Next at 6:00, where Levin discussed white supremacist propaganda being disseminated at eight colleges around Colorado and the pros and cons of the media’s fascination with the hateful acts of white supremacists.  Levin was also featured on the 10:00 news, where he discussed why supremacists might be targeting college campuses and shared ADL’s new H.E.A.T. Map, which allows a person to find out about incidents of hate, extremism, anti-Semitism and terrorism on an interactive map that tracks information city-by-city.

Click here to watch the clip.

The full five and a half minute interview can be seen here on NeXT’s YouTube station.