Catholic Jewish Dialogue

  • May 31, 2022

For more than 35 years, ADL has sponsored a Catholic/Jewish Dialogue to bring together Roman Catholics and Jews to talk and listen to one another, discuss differences and similarities and encourage understanding of and respect for each other’s beliefs. The group also works to develop relationships that will help address issues that may arise in the Catholic and/or Jewish communities.

The Dialogue is purposely kept to a limited group to foster the dialogue process and to insure that members get a chance to know each other. The goal is to have an even balance of Catholics and Jews. Each summer, ADL accepts nominations for new members to begin participating the following fall.

Meetings are held every two months during program year of September through June, usually at noon on Mondays, with programming that addresses issues of interest to Catholics and Jews. Dialogue members cannot be clergy, although they can be lay workers in the Catholic or Jewish communities (educators, administrators, etc.). We encourage you to nominate yourself or others that you think would enjoy and contribute to this Dialogue.

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please call 303-830-7177 or download the nomination form here.