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Mountain States ADL Proud to Publicly Supporting Marriage Equality for All Colorado Families

  • March 24, 2014


Why Marriage Matters Colorado, the broad coalition working to remove discrimination from Colorado’s constitution and secure the freedom to marry for all committed couples, announced this past weekend that several key civil rights and community leaders publicly support marriage equality for all Colorado families.

The list of leaders announcing their support for the freedom to marry includes Mountain States ADL Regional Director Scott L. Levin, Rabbi Steven Foster, former State Senator Joyce Foster, Speaker Pro Tempore of the Colorado House of Representatives Rhonda Fields, Executive Director of the Colorado Latino Forum Amanda Gonzalez and others.

“I am proud of the fact that since 2005, ADL has had an express policy supporting equal access to marriage for same sex couples,” asserts Levin.  “I am also proud to be among a number of Colorado civil rights and community leaders that have announced their support for marriage equality.  We truly believe that marriage matters.”

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