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RTD Accused of Double Standard On ‘Issue’ Ads on Buses

  • July 17, 2015


A breaking news report by Denver’s KVDR Fox 31 News accuses Colorado’s RTD (Regional Transportation District) of applying a double standard when deciding which ads to accept, reject or edit. Discussing recent anti-Israel ads that have appeared on RTD buses, Anti-Defamation League Mountain States Regional Director Scott L. Levin explains:

“There is no credible evidence that Israel has been involved in any ethnic cleansing or war crimes. If RTD is actually willing to evaluate, in these other campaigns, whether or not something is false, misleading or deceptive, it really ought to be doing it in this situation — to not do so is a double standard. Our belief is people are entitled to have bad speech. The way you overcome that is just with a lot more good speech, but if you’re going to establish a policy we want to make sure you apply it and apply it fairly.”