Stereotypes Good or Bad Lead to Discrimination

  • October 30, 2009

Denver Post
To: Editor, Denver Post

Re: “Scorning frugality and economic sanity,” Oct. 27 letter to the editor.

Economic frugality may be a laudable goal, as asserted by letter-writer Vern Andrews, but it is not necessary to use stereotypes about Jews in order to make that point. We must take issue with Mr. Andrews’ repetition of old myths about Jews and money, myths that have fueled anti-Semitism for centuries. A stereotype — either positive or negative — treats people as having a group identity and behavior, rather than as individuals with their own differences. Stereotypes form the basis of bigotry, which too often leads to discrimination. Especially in these challenging times, let’s remove the broad brush of stereotypes from our political discussions.

Bruce H. DeBoskey, Denver

The writer is Mountain States Regional Director, of the Anti-Defamation League.