ADL joins recently-formed JCRC of New Mexico

  • March 25, 2024


In response to local community needs and concerns, prompted in part by the October 7th Hamas terror attack, a group of New Mexico Jewish community leaders decided to take action. A new coalition, the Jewish Community Relations Coalition of New Mexico (JCRC-NW), was formed. In just a few months, the coalition is now comprised of 25 non-profit religious, educational, advocacy, cultural, and assistance organizations representing the diverse perspectives of the Jewish community in New Mexico. The ADL Mountain States Region is proud to be one of the partner organizations.


The purpose of the JCRC-NM is four-fold:  cultivate understanding and joint action opportunities among the community partners; build relationships with the broader New Mexico community to address critical issues; ensure the safety and security of New Mexico’s Jewish community; and foster understanding and appreciation of New Mexico’s diverse Jewish community, as well as the Jewish community’s relationship to Israel.


The JCRC-NM is a collaborative, volunteer effort. Members of a steering committee help address emerging community issues and concerns. ADL Mountain States staff meet regularly with the JCRC-NM’s Co-Chairs to ensure there is a high-level of communication, coordination and collaboration.


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