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Encouraging Results from National Holocaust Education Survey

  A new national survey shows that Holocaust education in high school reflects gains not only in historical knowledge but also manifests in cultivating more empathetic, tolerant, and engaged students. The results also indicate that exposure to Holocaust survivor testimony is strongly associated with numerous positive outcomes in early adulthood including higher critical thinking skills and a greater sense of

Know Your Rights and Obligations

As a long-time religious freedom advocate for all Americans, ADL believes that Jews should not have to choose between observing the High Holidays and their school or work obligations. Accommodating those who observe is not only the right thing for schools and employers to do, it is often legally required whether you are physically in a classroom or workplace or

ADL young leaders meet with members of Congress

    The ongoing pandemic and social distancing measures did not prevent ADL Mountain States volunteer leaders and staff from meeting with members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives during the summer recess. In each meeting, important policy issues were discussed including:  legislation to respond to growing domestic terror threats and hate crimes; voting access, safety and security;