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Mountain States Spotlight with Holocaust Survivor Judith Altmann

The 2021 ADL Virtual Governor’s Holocaust Remembrance Program features a keynote interview with Holocaust Survivor Judith Altmann. Register here. We recently spoke with Judy about her experiences during the Holocaust and her thoughts about how her experience shaped her.   ADL:   Please describe your life before the Holocaust. What was your childhood like? Judy Altmann: I had a wonderful

Encouraging Results from National Holocaust Education Survey

  A new national survey shows that Holocaust education in high school reflects gains not only in historical knowledge but also manifests in cultivating more empathetic, tolerant, and engaged students. The results also indicate that exposure to Holocaust survivor testimony is strongly associated with numerous positive outcomes in early adulthood including higher critical thinking skills and a greater sense of

ADL’s Holocaust Memorial Candelabra

  Have you ever wondered about the unique candelabra lit each year at ADL’s Governor’s Holocaust Remembrance Program? Created by Colorado artist Barbara Patrick, the candelabra was chosen as the winner of a contest to create such a piece in the 1990s. It has been displayed at the Governor’s Holocaust Remembrance Program every year since. David Fell & Company, Inc. completed

Join ADL, Chavurat Hamidbar and The New Mexico Jewish Historical Society for “Antisemitism Yesterday and Today” on April 18

What do Pharaoh, Martin Luther and Robert Bowers have in common? To understand modern-day antisemitism and its resurgence, including Holocaust denial, extremism and other manifestations, it is critical to first explore the beginnings of antisemitism itself. Through an interactive analysis of antisemitic thought and writing throughout history, we will learn how very specific trends, themes and stereotypes lead straight from