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ADL Honors John Robert Holland, Cleo Parker Robinson with 2008 Civil Rights Awards – Judge Phillip S. Figa Receives ADL’s Distinguished Community Service Award Posthumously

More than 350 honored local attorney John Robert Holland, local cultural icon Cleo Parker Robinson, and the memory of the late Judge Phillip S. Figa at ADL’s 2008 Civil Rights Award Luncheon. For more than 30 years, Holland has given a voice to those marginalized in our society. He has: forced the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to

House Bill 1080

ADL supports Colorado House Bill 1080, which would reinstate Colorado’s longstanding ban forbidding religious organizations from discriminating based on faith when hiring employees to work for government-funded social service programs. Even though this was the law in Colorado until 2007, the bill is meeting strong resistance from religious groups. NEWS Would Law Handcuff Faith-Based Charities? No, It Only Assures Fairness

HB 1080 Fact Sheet

Background: Last year, SB 07-025 was amended on 3rd Reading to clarify that religious organizations are generally permitted to discriminate in employment on religious grounds. The amendment did not, however, continue Colorado’s historical commitment to ensuring that government funds not be used for religious discrimination. HB 08-1080 is intended to reestablish that commitment. Why HB 1080 is needed: H.B. 1080

Over 400 Attend 2007 Annual “Society of Fellows” Donor Luncheon

By: Jim DeFina ADL Board member, National Executive Committee member, National Development Chair and former Mountain States Board Chair Barry Curtiss-Lusher received ADL’s Distinguished Community Service Award for his commitment to human rights and dignity, and his dedicated service to his community, state and nation from Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, Jr. A congratulatory video from ADL’s National Director Abraham H.