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Cyber Security Considerations In Wake of Anti-Semitic Flyers Sent to College Campuses and Businesses

Colleges and private businesses around the country, including at least one in Colorado, received anti-Semitic flyers blaming Jews for destroying the country “through mass immigration and degeneracy” and asked people to “join . . . in the struggle for global white supremacy.” Hacker Andrew Auernheimer (also known as Weev), an unabashed racist and anti-Semite, claimed credit for exploiting network printers

Colorado Law Enforcement Officials Attend ADL Counterterrorism Seminar

Two Colorado law enforcement officials attended the Anti-Defamation League’s Advanced Training School (ATS) course on extremist and terrorist threats last month in Washington, D.C. Representing ADL’s Mountain States Region were Marcus Fountain, Commander of the Denver Police Department’s Investigative Support Division, and Rebecca Spies, Deputy Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Safety. ATS is recognized as one of

Mountain States ADL Regional Director Scott L. Levin: “Terrorism in any form is unacceptable.”

In the wake of the tragic shootings at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood location last week, Mountain States Anti-Defamation League Regional Director Scott L. Levin wrote the following letter to the Editor of the Denver Post: As we hold the Colorado Springs community in our thoughts and prayers, and commend the bravery and courage of law enforcement in bringing to an end

ADL Hosts Israeli Police Commander for Law Enforcement Briefings

  The Anti-Defamation League Mountain States Region was pleased to host an Israeli police commander in late May to conduct briefings with local law enforcement agencies. Chief Superintendent Roy Valdman, Head of the Investigations Division for the Israel Police Central Unit in Tel Aviv, visited Denver May 26-29.   Valdman presented briefings on the dual role of the Israel Police