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Catholic Jewish Dialogue

For more than 25 years, ADL’s Catholic/Jewish Dialogue has brought together Roman Catholics and Jews to talk and listen to one another, discuss differences and similarities and encourage understanding of and respect for each other’s beliefs.  The group meets 4-5 times per year, usually at noon on Mondays. ADL’s Catholic/Jewish Dialogue accepts nominations each summer. Call ADL at 303-830-7177 to apply or

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee advocates for ADL’s policy agenda at the local, state and national level, by writing letters, meeting with government and elected officials, and testifying before legislative bodies. It also presents candidate and issue forums before elections.

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for supporting ADL’s education, youth programs, A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute programming, and other diversity and anti-bias programs.

Civil Rights Committee

The Civil Rights Committee assesses and recommends policies, develops programs, builds coalitions, advocates, and writes op-eds or letters to the editors. The committee also selects the recipient(s) of the annual ADL Civil Rights Award.

Boulder Steering Committee

The Boulder Steering Committee (BSC) is an instrumental component of ADL’s work in Boulder; members assist in setting priorities and play key roles in ongoing projects. Current BSC sub-committees include: City Relations, Development, Education, and Young Leadership Circle.