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Mountain States Spotlight: Larry Atler

  • July 23, 2013

What the Anti-Defamation League means to Larry:  After practicing law for several years, I investigated all the major civil rights organizations. As my father many decades before me concluded, ADL is the most credible and effective organization. ADL fights against all forms of bigotry and discrimination, with particular sensitivity for anti-Semitic policies and actions. For over 45 years, I’ve financially supported and been active in the work and organization of ADL. It’s astonishingly effective with its panoply of proven responsive and educational programs. It’s a pleasure to be a participant in this organization that does make a difference!

For Larry, the ADL is… a dynamic, creative and instructive organization, composed of highly knowledgeable and dedicated professional staff and volunteers, most of whom are leaders in a variety of community, regional and national non-profit organizations.

What Larry is passionate about personally…  I have had many passions throughout my life. For example, I was passionate about business issues when I was Chair of the Denver Chamber; ADL issues for the decades I was in regional and national leadership positions; education matters while in leadership positions at DPS and other organizations educating youth about business; evolution of creative legal solutions when I was a lawyer. All of that being said, the paramount and most important true PASSION has always been and is my immediate and extended family. They come first irrespective of anything else.

What’s one thing every person should know or experience? With all the foibles, frustrations and impediments of the USA, how incredibly fortunate it is that we live here.

If you had to write a seven-word biography, what would it say? He was crazy nuts about his family!!