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Mountain States Spotlight with Peggy Goldman

  • November 21, 2014

Regional Board Member and National Commission Executive Committee Member Peggy Goldman epitomizes ADL’s mission. When asked why she’s passionate about the Anti-Defamation League, Peggy Goldman points to her upbringing in a small town, her love of the law, and her first ADL function.

“I was practicing as an attorney in the early 1980s,” she says, “and a group of us from my law firm attended a Society of Fellows luncheon. It was in downtown Denver, and from that moment, I wanted to become involved in this dynamic and smart organization.” Today, the Society of Fellows luncheon has given way to the dynamic event ADL ArtWorksTM; not surprisingly, Peggy is a co-chair for the second year in a row. “I love that the event is such a fresh and creative program,” she says. Peggy credits ADL Board Member and former Regional Board Chair Debra Herz for taking her under her wing, and she joined the Regional Board in 1991.

Growing up in Aurora, Illinois, “a small town where everyone knew each other and all the Jewish families – Reform, Orthodox, and Conservative – belonged to the one community synagogue,” Peggy graduated from the same high school her parents had attended. Peggy speaks often about the importance of spending time with family and friends; her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving (although a close second is Halloween, due to her love of candy corn!).

Peggy’s travels ultimately brought her to Denver. “The teacher who stands out most in my life was Thompson Marsh, who taught Real Property my first year at DU Law School,” she reflects. “He was legendary and the class was mandatory. He was also very intimidating; we were all afraid of him. He’d call your name, and you’d have to stand up and answer his questions. The dread was worse than the actual presentation. The day it happened to me, the only thing I could hear was the sound of the blood pumping in my ears. What I said must have made sense, because he didn’t tell me to sit down. And ultimately, I ended up practicing real estate law.”

When asked about her involvement in ADL, Peggy discusses the mission. “I invest in ADL because I never cease to be impressed with the organization’s execution of the imperative to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and secure justice and fair treatment for everyone. The world needs more justice and equality and ADL’s staff and lay leaders are so intelligent. ADL’s programming and materials that are just brilliant; I’m proud to be involved.”

Peggy is also a legacy donor. When asked why she has chosen to contribute to the organization in this meaningful and long-lasting way, Peggy says “The Anti-Defamation League accomplishes so much, but unfortunately, we never have enough resources to complete the job. ADL must continue its work, and being a legacy donor is my way of helping secure ADL’s future.” ADL, says Peggy Goldman, “is simply on the right side of wrong.”