ADL addresses local security concerns

  • November 21, 2014

The Anti-Defamation League’s Mountain States Regional Director Scott L. Levin is quoted in today’s Intermountain Jewish News, speaking about this week’s slaughter of four rabbis praying in a Jerusalem synagogue, along with a Druze police officer responding to the scene who died of his wounds.

“We’re not issuing special community alerts for synagogues and Jewish organizations at this time,” Levin told reporters Andrea Jacobs and Chris Leppek. “Still, this horrible situation should remind people and organizations that they must review their security plans, execute them accordingly and remain vigilant.”

“When anything is related to the security of our community, we take our lead from the ADL,” adds Janet Sherman, JEWISHcolorado’s Israel and JCRC program director.

The ADL is closely monitoring the situation, and, says Levin, “if it calls for an alert, we will certainly issue one.”  Regarding the rise of anti-Semitic acts in the US, which predated the Gaza conflict last summer, he concludes: “There has been an uptick in incidents, all of which require us to be alert. There’s nothing wrong in being hypersensitive to our surroundings — but not because of what’s going on in Israel.”