Antisemitism in schools is a concern that many of us have and ADL is here to help with resources, trainings and customized anti-bias programs. The information and resource list below can get you started in thinking about ways to respond to antisemitism and hate. ADL is here to assist you and your school in formulating a plan to move forward.


ADL recently reported in its Audit of Antisemitic Incidents that the 3,697 incidents of harassment, vandalism, and assault it tabulated in 2022 were the highest number on record since ADL began tracking antisemitic incidents in 1979, and were a 36% increase from those tabulated in 2021. The audit also revealed that in 2022, there were 494 antisemitic incidents reported in non-Jewish K-12 schools, which was a 49% increase over the number of incidents in 2021. Given the insidious nature of bullying, compounded by the fact that many students do not feel empowered to report their experiences, we know it is likely that the actual number of school-based antisemitic incidents was significantly higher than the data reported in the Audit.

There is much we are doing at ADL and much you can do as well, including sharing the resources below with teachers and administrators at your student’s school. Most of them are available online and on-demand at no cost.









WEBINAR: “Back to School: Parent, Family and Educator Resources for When Hate Happens” webinar recording:

AND THERE’S MORE! If you’re an educator, or want to share professional development resources with school leaders, check out these resources below: 

  1. EDUCATOR MINI-LESSON: Antisemitism: What Do Educators Need to Know?:
  2. EDUCATOR MINI-COURSE: Responding to Bias Incidents in K-12 Schools:
  3. EDUCATOR RESOURCE: A guide to responding to school-based bias incidents:
  4. EDUCATOR RESOURCE: A guide to responding to school-based sports-related bias incidents:
  5. RESOURCE: When it comes to bias, we must prioritize impact over intent:
  6. RESOURCE: Responding to Jokes and Slurs
  7. RESOURCE: When ‘Just Joking’ Is No Joke: How to Respond When Students’ ‘Jokes’ are Biased or Offensive:
  8. PROGRAM: No Place for Hate®: No Place For Hate assists schools to foster a culture of respect and create a safe, bully-free learning environment for students, educators and families.


Contact us to get in touch with our education department to brainstorm further about customized solutions for your school. Email us at to get started.

We look forward to helping you develop creative, inclusive and effective strategies to enhance the climate and culture of your school.