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Three Big Questions: ADL Spotlight with Regional Board Member Peter Nadel

  • October 25, 2022

This month, the ADL Spotlight falls on long-time Regional Board Member, Associate National Commissioner and Legacy donor Peter Nadel. Peter, a retired attorney, has been a Regional Board Member since 1995 and has held many leadership positions both inside and outside of the League, including sitting on the Ethics Committee of the Colorado Bar Association. Read more about Peter’s involvement in ADL and his advice for those that seek engagement in our timeless mission here. 

ADL:  You’ve been involved in ADL for many years. What led you to join the Regional Board? Is there something in particular about ADL’s work that speaks to you?

Peter Nadel: For me, the League’s laser focus on fighting antisemitism was, and remains, the key. I learned about the inhumanity and horror of the Holocaust graphically at an early age. It struck me deeply, leaving an indelible need to resist unjustified hate. In ADL’s strategic programs I found a positive way to channel my visceral thoughts into effective action. I’ve learned, and continue to learn, a great deal from my involvement.

ADL:  Who are some of the people that have served as role models for you, both in the area of social justice and generally?

PN: I grew up in the 1960s and ‘70s and certainly am a product of those times. My ears rang with John Kennedy’s call to civic involvement, his brother Bobby’s focus on civil rights and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s relentless push to action for racial justice. Their losses felt devastating, and at the same time clarified the need to continue the work.

ADL:  What is your advice for people who are committed to positive change?

PN: Be strong and resolute. Be courageous! We will strengthen one another.