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ADL and Denver Police Department Provide Training on Extremism and Hate Crimes

  • June 1, 2009

On May 27th, in conjunction with the Denver Police Department, ADL’s Mountain States Regional Office presented a day-long training for over 100 law enforcement officials throughout Colorado. Included were seminars on Colorado’s Hate Crime Statute, Left-Wing and Single Issue Extremists, Right Wing Extremists and Anti-Government hate groups. The seminar on hate crimes offered instruction on the special nature of hate crimes, the legal and constitutional framework in which federal and state hate crime statutes operate and how to perform investigative and enforcement duties in a way that reassures the victims and helps alleviate community tensions and fear.

The seminar on Left-Wing and Single Issue Extremists offered an introduction to the Extreme Animal Rights and Environmental Movements and included the goals, tactics and trends of these movements. The seminars on Right Wing Extremists and Anti-Government hate groups covered the historical contexts, beliefs, ideologies and actions of those movements. ADL is a nationally recognized expert in monitoring and exposing the activities of organized hate groups and crafting legal and legislative responses to hate crimes. The Mountain States Regional Office regularly offers training programs to law enforcement and other groups, in addition to publications and resources that were created specifically for law enforcement professionals.