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ADL Opposes Activist’s Demand that University of Colorado Divest from Israel

  • July 11, 2011

ADL Regional Director Scott Levin appeared before the University of Colorado Board of Regents to oppose the demands of an anti-Israel activist who asked the Regents to divest CU’s holdings in Israel.  The activist claimed to represent himself and almost 1,500 people who he claimed had signed a petition advocating for the divestment of CU’s assets from any investments in the State of Israel.  Levin pointed out the falseness of the analogy between the apartheid regime of South Africa and the State of Israel, and urged the Regents to reject the petition.

The Regents did not give any support to the request for divestment.  ADL will continue to be a lead voice in the opposition to any attempts to boycott, divest from and/or sanction Israel.