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Congratulations to Jessica Reaves and Jeremy Shaver, recipients of ADL’s Senn/Greenberg Awards!

  • May 26, 2021


The ADL Mountain States Region offers its heartfelt congratulations to Jessica Reaves, Editorial Director of ADL’s Center on Extremism and Jeremy Shaver, Senior Associate Regional Director for ADL’s Mountain States Region, on being recognized as recipients of this year’s ADL Senn/Greenberg Award.

The award is presented annually through the generosity of the late National Chair Maxwell E. Greenberg to outstanding professional staff as a special recognition of excellence.  The award named in honor of Max Greenberg’s generosity and in memory of a most distinguished member of the ADL staff, Milton A. Senn, who, until his untimely death, served as Western States Area Director and Director of ADL’s Pacific Southwest (Los Angeles) Regional Office.  Recipients are ADL team members from regional and national staff who demonstrate excellence in job performance, a collaborative spirit and respect for others.

Mr. Shaver reflected on why this award was so meaningful to him.  “My ADL story began 32 years ago when I contacted the ADL Mountain States office for a comment on an article I was working on for my junior high school newspaper. I was surprised the regional director, Saul Rosenthal, would take a call from a junior high school student and I remember how seriously he took my questions,” Shaver said. “These many years later, I am filled with gratitude that each day I get to toil alongside those who strive to make this world a more just and inclusive place for all people.”

Ms. Reaves, who works for the national team while based in Denver, shares: “It was such a thrill to be recognized by my peers, especially alongside the other honorees. This has been a really difficult time for so many of us, and I am grateful to work for an organization that makes a point of finding reasons to celebrate. This award means a lot to me, but frankly, it’s really a validation of the whole Center on Extremism team — and of how well we work together.”

The ADL Mountain States team is fortunate to have such terrific colleagues in Jeremy Shaver and Jessica Reaves, and we offer them our heartfelt congratulations.