Hate Crime Resource Guide Now Available

  • November 15, 2019

The Colorado Coalition Against Hate, convened by the ADL Mountain States Regional Office, has prepared a Hate Crime Resource Guide for victims and potential victims of hate crimes, as well as the organizations that support them. The information is intended to promote access to assistance from law enforcement and community resources and to provide support for those members of our community who have experienced frightening, emotional and violent crimes.

Along with a general overview about law enforcement and community resources, the guide includes a directory of organizations that offer assistance to victims of hate crimes and with contact information and details about the kind of support they provide.

Victims of hate crimes face not only the trauma of being victimized but the fear, isolation and indignity of being attacked because of their very identity. We hope that this guide will help provide timely support and resources as victims work to rebuild their lives and communities work to promote the safety of all people.

Read the guide here.