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Leave a Legacy for ADL’s Next 100 Years

  • August 24, 2021

Legacy giving offers donors a way to protect the organizations and communities they love, while making a profound impact on future generations through a gift that will keep giving in perpetuity.

Leaving a contribution to the Anti-Defamation League in your will is a wonderful way to help ensure its future for years to come without impacting your annual giving. These funds help sustain our efforts in fighting bigotry and anti-Semitism, exposing dangerous extremists and teaching anti-bias programs to cultivate respect so that our children and grandchildren can live in safe communities in the years to come.

In fact, there has never been a better time to make a legacy gift to ADL! We have a lucrative Challenge Match currently available. For each new planned gift commitment received in writing with the estimated gift amount shared, 10% of the commitment (up to $25,000,) is contributed from the Match to our annual campaign.  This incentive is in effect until September this year (2020) so time is of the essence if it interests you. We’d be honored to help you learn more, with no obligation on your part.

Many of you have already included ADL in your estate plan. If you have not communicated this to our Regional Office, please contact Director of Development Susie Moss (; 720-799-9675) so that we may acknowledge you and confirm that your wishes are documented.

We gratefully acknowledge the following donors who have chosen to sustain ADL long into the future through legacy gifts:


Anonymous Donors

Doug Antonoff

Stephen Arent

Lawrence Atler & Marilyn Vanderbur Atler

Justin & Tobey Adler Borus

Gertrude Boyce

Daniel & Haley Calisher

Rabbi Julian Cook

Barry & Gay Curtiss-Lusher

Fred Davine* and Maxine* Davine

Norm * & Leslie* Davis

Lori Davis Perry

Bruce DeBoskey

Jeff Diamond

Mike Estrada

Erica and Elliot Farber

Ken & Sheryl Feiler

Enrique Feldman*

Phillip* & Candace Figa

David Fogel

Jeff Foster

Brad Friedman

Alan Frosh

Rebecca & Ken Gart

Rabbi Bernard & Sue Parker Gerson

Peggy Goldman

Sheryl and Jon Goodman

Norman Gray*

Sidney Grazi*

David and Ronnie Hauptman

Peggy Hermann

Leonard* & Debra Herz

Irwin Horwitz*

David Ickovic

Sam Jonas

Leslie Karotkin

Gary Kleiman & Elisa Moran

Jeff Kline

Rob & Kathy Klugman

Carol Kopansky

Bernice Langner

Dianne Layden

Bradley Levin & Patti Robinson

Rona Levin*

Scott & Laure Levin

Marvin & Beatrice Levy

Sam Levy & Jane Levitas-Eisner

Jeff & Marilyn Litman

Joanne Posner Mayer

David & Laura Merage

Perry & Susie Moss

Phil and Marcie Munishor

Peter Nadel

Neil & Barbara Oberfeld

Stuart & Robin Pack

Jerry Pinsker

Eve Powell

Joel Price

Gerald * & Roberta Quiat

Melinda Quiat

Gary Rand and Laure Levin

Elise Ratner

Art and Sandy Reidel

Debra Reinberg

Marc & Susan Reissner

Edward & Susan Robinson

Richard & Marcia Robinson

Monica Rosenbluth

Robert Rottman

Cheri Rubin

Michael Rudnick

Jeff & Marcia Sandman

Alec Sarche

Daniel Sarche

Jamie & Jon Sarche

Gertrude Schwartz

Ron and Meryl Segel

Harry Shapiro

Jeremy Shaver & David Claypool

Harry Sherman

Andrea Shpall & Tony Spafford

Robert* & Dale Silverberg

Andrew & Evy Snyder

Pam Solomon

Gayle Spelts

Nancy Lee Steiner*

Karen Steinhauser

Robert B. Sturm

Jay & Diane Taussig

Leah Temkin

Russell & Samantha Walsh

Bob Weinberg

Bobbie Weinbaum*

Steven and Deborah Weinstein

*Of blessed memory