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ADL Senior Associate Director Jeremy Shaver Interviewed on CBS4 News Regarding Safety and Security for Houses of Worship

  • August 23, 2019


ADL Mountain States Region Senior Associate Director Jeremy Shaver spoke with CBS4 News about an initiative in Jefferson County, Colorado to provide security training for faith-based institutions. The Safety in Faith Summit is kicking off its fifth year this week as part of an effort led by Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader.

“It is critical that the public and private sectors partner in this way with law enforcement to promote safety and security,” said Shaver.  “There’s something also that’s very key — these active shooters or active threats get a lot of attention, rightfully so because they have very tragic consequences — but the security concerns facing houses of worship are much broader. They range from accidental fire to natural disasters. It’s important to have a plan for all these types of threats to enhance safety and security,” added Shaver.

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