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Alison Weir: Background Information

Alison Weir has established herself as a prominent voice in the anti-Israel movement. She frames the Jewish State as a violent aggressor in the region and charges that the United States, through its aid, is the driving force behind this aggression. Weir claims that not only does Israel brutalize the Palestinians, but through its intimidation tactics, it corrupts the American

In A World of Hate, You Can Create A Legacy of Hope

A legacy gift to the Anti-Defamation League Foundation’s Legacy Endowment Campaign – Funding for the Future can help ADL remain vital, vigorous and able to carry out its critical mission far into the future, even in the most difficult times. Many legacy gift options may also provide you and your loved ones with attractive benefits such as tax savings and

ADL Empowers Jewish Institutions and Law Enforcement in Advance of Jewish High Holidays

The Mountain States Region of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has reached out to Jewish institutions and law enforcement agencies to work together to ensure a safe and secure Jewish High Holiday season. On August 21, ADL partnered with Captain J.P. Burt, Director of the Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC), the state law enforcement fusion center, to host a High Holiday

Mountain States Spotlight: Andrew Feinstein

What the Anti-Defamation League means to Andy:   The ADL is a nice bridge between for me to stay involved with the Jewish community of Colorado (which my family has been a part of for over 140 years) as well as remain active with LGBT causes which are very important to me. What are you passionate about personally?  The Denver